At Dynafluid, we specialized in customised solutions derived from our field experience and combined with the core competencies
of our Principals and Business Partners. Our motto keeps us constantly moving forward to deliver ...

Flexibility in Approaches, Firm in Decisions


This industry’s heavy reliance on water and the impact of water quality on their end-products requires the most stringent selection of thermoplastic materials. Accurately certified and approved products are of the utmost concerns.

  • NSF14 & NSF61 PVC & CPVC Sch80
  • Food Sanitation Law and RoHS certified
  • PVC JIS K 6741
  • Low TOC & Mirror Polished Clean HI-PVC JIS K 6741
  • High Purity HT-PVC JIS K 6776
  • WRAS, KIWA tested PVC DIN 8063 EN ISO 580
  • KTW, WRAS approved PP-H DIN ISO 9393
  • NSF61 & NSF51, WRAS certified PVDF ISO 10931


We offer first-class integrated and strategic approaches to Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment systems with our stand-alone products or built-up units with :-

  • Potable and Drinking Water approved PVC & CPVC Sch80
  • JWWA Drinking water certified PVC JIS K 6741
  • Chemically Resistant Plant VP, HT-PVC JIS and CPVC Sch80
  • Strainers & Filters for protection of main equipments from sediments and dirt
  • Pressure Level Transmitters to eliminate issues with ultrasonic sensors


Our range of pipes, fittings and valves are designed to handle fluids in the harshest of environments with temperatures up to 140DegC and pressures up to 16 bar :-

  • High Temperature 90DegC - CPVC Sch80 and HT-PVC JIS
  • UV Resistant 60DegC - PVC UVS VP
  • Corrosion Resistant High Temp up to 100DegC - Plant HT-PVC, VPFW & HTFW
  • Lightweight and Chemically Resistant 80DegC - PP
  • Chemically inert UV Resistant over 120DegC - PVDF


Ready for the demanding needs of Marine, Oil & Gas applications, our products are ideal in water recovery, utilities and reclamation skids or systems. Many metallic systems are now making way for thermoplastic due to their robustness of design and light weight, as well as being inert to salt and sea waters.

  • ABS Certified CPVC Sch80
  • High Impact Virtually Unbreakable HI-PVC
  • System2 Sealing Technology Adjustment Free Reversible Seats Ball Valves PVC & CPVC
  • Complete Skids of Simplex & Duplex Strainers and Filtration PVC, CPVC & PP-GR


Understanding the needs of this industry for systems to operate continuously, media allowing to flow freely with the highest corrosion protection at greater temperature stability, our proposed solutions are :-

  • Pneumatic & Electric Actuators (explosion proof) for control of thermoplastic and metal valves
  • UVS Piping UV Resistant for water treatment systems at hydroelectric power plants
  • Y, T & Basket Strainers, Bag & Cartridge Filters for protection of main equipments against suspended solids, sediment and dirt
  • PVDF valves with excellent mechanical, thermal & electrical properties and chemically resistant
  • Valves with Lockout/Tagout LOTO to ensure safety during maintenance and servicing
  • Pressure Relief and Regulation Valves for safety and protection


Committed to the health and well-being of the aquatic community, the highest quality and most reliable products are put into service for the demanding needs of Aquatic Life Support Systems. Consistently proven to excel in these systems, our Thermoplastic Fluid Handling Pipes, Fittings, Valves and Instruments are certified with :-

  • FDA and NSF14 PVC & CPVC
  • JWWA Drinking water approved PVC
  • Lead free PVC
  • Oil Free Clean HI-PVC
  • WRAS & KIWA tested PVC
  • ABS Certified CPVC


Our products selection in the ultra and nano-filtration systems for sea water desalination plants are designed and innovated by our principals. For efficient monitoring, sampling, measuring, protection of equipments and membranes against dirt, sand and abrasives.

  • WRAS and NSF61 approved 3way Ball Valve with 180Deg Position Limiter
  • FDA, NSF and WRAS approved Sampling / Laboratory Valves
  • JIS K6741 UVS UV Radiation Resistant PVC
  • NSF, JWWA and WRAS approved PVC Pipes & Fittings
  • NSF approved Basket Strainers, Bag & Cartridge Filters


Consumption of strong chemicals resulting in extremely corrosive and toxic mining wastewater with large quantities of abrasive slurry. This demands the most robust, durable, chemically resistant and UV radiation resistant Thermoplastic Piping Systems Components to facilitate shorter downtimes with longer intervals for maintenance.

  • PP and PVDF Safety Locking Handles Valves ISO 16135 - 39
  • UVS UV Radiation Resistant PVC Pipes & Fittings
  • PVC, CPVC and PP-GR Zero Downtime Duplex Basket Strainers
  • PVC, CPVC, HT-PVC, PP and PVDF 3way T and L-port Vertical & Lateral Ball Valves
  • PVC, CPVC, HT-PVC, PP-GR and PVDF Bi-Directional Handle Butterfly Valves


Flexibility in our approaches combined with our Principals’ manufacturing capabilities to innovate and develop, we endeavor to provide solutions you came here to find.